Sara is the face of 'encouragement gifted'. Sara L. Holden's recent book "Child You Are More Than A Number" allows you to take a piece of her encouraging spirit home. Share it with the world!

Encouragement Gifted

I met Sara L. Holden back in about 2006 when she and her family took the entrepreneurial adventuresome risk to open a storefront in a very small upstate NY town. I lived up the hill from her store at the time. It was called "Eat It or Bead It" - a candy store and jewelry-making emporium. We shared many of the same friend-circle and I was surprised to have not met her earlier. The characteristic that stood out to me then and what makes me proud to call her a friend and fellow entrepreneurial woman was her spirit of encouragement.

Back then, she opened this store not just to be the mecca of candy purchases and jewelry-making in our small town, but to be a respite for local children and children-at-heart to come and receive a daily dose of Sara's innate gift of encouragement. I found myself drawn to her store to create jewelry items I could have made at home not for the mere creation of another object (although that inspired me too), but for the environment her store and presence exuded. I met many new faces and shared in Sara's desire to live simply and in community. Sara possesses many other amazing innate gifts, but I think at the core of who she is, she was created to draw out that which is most fulfilling, honoring, and productive in others.

Fast-forward to August 2018 and Sara's still at her calling to gift encouragement to others. Her book "Child You Are More Than A Number" illustrated by Adam Lassiter brings her reflective and spirited encouragement to print. Sara highlights the importance of diversity and innate talents to life in this book that will sure to be a regular read in all households because everyone needs a dose of daily encouragement! 

I am excited to share Sara with you through my website and hope you will check out her new book. Stay tuned too because we have some special surprises in-store related to her book coming-soon!

Sara has encouraged me so much along the way with my new entrepreneurial adventure as well. It makes me want to encourage others and you will too!



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