8'x8" Cuerda Seca Tile in Trivet, Hanging, or Standing Frame

8'x8" Cuerda Seca Tile in Trivet, Hanging, or Standing Frame

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These are my doodles.

The process starts with a stack of tiles and some time. I draw on them with pencil to start.

After I have a batch ready each of the pencil designed doodles are traced in wax. Individual squirt bottles of glaze with needle-tips are then used to squeeze glaze between the wax lines with great control to not overflow into another color-area. The glaze is allowed to dry and the tiles are stacked in the kiln to be fired to approximately 1,828 degrees F .

Each is an original. I have imagery in my head that I sometimes draw multiple times in different ways or inspired by pictures. The colors are always different in each batch.

Please select the design you would like from these originals. Photos of the originals will also be available on other products, but you have the original.

Each tile comes glued into a natural wood tile frame with felt feet so that it can be used as a trivet, a dowel to allow it to stand on a shelf, and a hole that can be used to hang it on a wall. Your choice.

Prices include shipping to contiguous USA lower 48 states. Please contact me should you require shipping elsewhere for an estimate.

Price is for one tile. Each image pictured is an original tile. Select option desired prior to checkout.

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