Set of (4) English Porcelain Everyday Utilitarian Bowls

Set of (4) English Porcelain Everyday Utilitarian Bowls

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Matching set of (4) English porcelain bowls equally elegant set for a party or everyday. The 12 oz. bowls measure 2.75" tall by 4.75" diameter and hold approximately 1.5 cups of liquid (12 oz.). Each bowl starts as a lump of clay on the potter's wheel. After hand-forming and shrinkage during firing each weighs about 15-20%. You can tell this is porcelain by how the clay 'rings' when tapped lightly with a wooden utensil. English porcelain is the consistency of cream cheese on the wheel and is very soft to throw with, but is not very forgiving. Potter's typically have a love/hate relationship with porcelain. In my case, I love it!

My handmade pottery items are made individually when I "throw" clay on the potter's wheel to shape the basic form. Sometimes I literally throw it onto the wheel head to get it to stick well, but the process in-general is called "throwing". They are turned over, re-centered, and trimmed when the clay has been allowed to dry slightly. Sometimes I also start with slabs of clay that are then hand-built into their shapes vs. on the wheel. Handles and other clay additions are then added and the piece is allowed to dry very slowly to prevent warping or cracking. When the piece is completely bone dry it is fired in a kiln (think big clay oven) to a temperature of just over 1800 degrees F. After this first firing, the piece is then decorated with glazes that a much like a slurry of powdered glass in water and often do not look anything like their finished colors. When the glaze is dry, each piece is carefully loaded back into the kiln to be fired again to a temperature just over 2200 degrees F. This work is considered "mid-range" temperature pottery fired to Cone 6-7 upon completion. 

These items are one-of-a-kind, handmade items and should be hand-washed or top-rack dishwasher washed. They are microwave friendly; however care must be used to ensure you do not overheat them.

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