Artist's Statement:

My mother-in-law passed away in March 2020 - just 3 days after her nursing care facility was placed on "lock-down" following reports of the spread of Covid-19 and the risk-factors to older people. It was too soon for her facility to know what the procedure would be for family who would want to be with her during her final time. The Hospice and nursing staff did an amazing job facilitating the family in this challenging time utilizing technology. Shortly after this as I was working in my studio on an urn to memorialize her life in all the lovely flowers she enjoyed at home, and I realized how many other people would be in the same position our family was: no memorial service, no funeral, no family getting together to remember their loved one. For us, due to distance and risk factors, we are already at the six months past her passing-on and the family has yet to see each other to mourn. Since her passing, it has broken my heart to hear others in similar circumstances loosing loved-ones during Covid-19. There is nothing normal about not being able to have a sense of closure after death. My hope is that through this project some of these loved-ones lost during Covid-19 2020 will be memorialized in porcelain for eternity. I would love for these vessels to travel to galleries for viewing and continued memorialization and thought as to the many personal losses this year.

The Urn Project:

The initial Urns created each memorialize and symbolize someone I have personally known to pass-on during Covid-19 shutdown period. Since then, I have accepted requests from others to memorialize their loved ones and I will be continuing to work on these urns through the year. (Please Email me to request consideration for an urn for a loved one lost.)

In order to facilitate the costs of shipping and return of the urns to me across various potential gallery exhibitions, I am accepting funding support for this project. You can purchase a gift share in the urns you love or are touched-by, and these funds will be utilized to ship and insure the urns for display as well as to ship them after exhibition to their family as a gift from the global community supporting these individuals in their loss.

The Urns:

"Ma Lee" - Ma Lee had stories! Stories from China, stories from Taiwan, stories about immigrating to the US as a college student, stories about dancing, farming, planting, business, the newspaper, and statistics. She won many awards as a statistician. Many of her stories we may never know if they were true, but those we hunted down always were! It took over 10 years for the family to believe she owned a farm...until she revealed pictures of herself on the tractor with the farmer she leased the land to planting the land - soybeans - they were an important crop to her as were her children and their educations. Gift Share Link: for "Ma Lee"

"Uncle Ken" - Uncle Ken was a pillar of our family. Always sure to gain a laugh from anyone in his presence. He was diagnosed with cancer and prepared for a battle journey just a week prior to his sudden and unexpected death. Uncle Ken was an avid fisherman and the perfect person to send kids fishing with for the first time as he was sure to help them both catch the bug for fishing as well as fish. Uncle Ken was the ultimate "Fisher of Men". He was active in his church family for decades and will be missed by all. Gift Share Link for: "Uncle Ken".

"Tiffany" - Tiffany loved Sunflowers. She and I reconnected after many years recently when she wanted me to ironically make urns for both of her parents. I met her in Kindergarten, but I unfortunately don't know much about Tiffany's journey after High School. I know she was loved by many, still loved sports, was someone who had a heart for service to others, and had a many year challenge with cancer. Gift Share Link for: "Tiffany".

"Dawn's Mom" - Dawn's mom was the neighborhood mom. She did things to make sure that kids were safely playing in her back yard. One year I remember she bought cases and cases of McDonald's frozen fried pies and kept them in the basement freezer - fair game for the kids of the neighborhood to snack on (or so we thought?!). She had a border in front of her house of impatiens that we would pop all the seed pods. When I "ran (not far) away from home" and ended up hiding behind the bushes behind her hedge row - she let the family hunt for me for a little while. A life lived well, but far too short. Gift Share for: "Dawn's Mom"