A Perfect Apron

A Perfect Apron

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You will never want another apron style. If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the clay studio like me, at the backyard BBQ, or making cookies in the kitchen - this is for you! If you are not characteristically messy - you know someone who works hard and deserves a perfect apron. This unique apron design from Hannah Rose Customs was created after listening to many potter's complaints about the options for potter's aprons. It is made of a very durable cotton canvas in an off-white color and is machine washable. The fabric is durable, but not overly heavy and can be worn all day comfortably. It will stand-up to harsh and messy work environments. To wear this apron, you first step into the partial pant legs at the bottom of the apron. The straps go up over your shoulders and through the side loops to wrap around as many times as required before tying it off. When you sit down the apron splits at the legs allowing you to sit comfortably with your legs around the potter's wheel and still not get messy! It features a top overall-style front pocket and a second lower pocket that can hold your favorite tools. 


Cotton canvas material in off-white

Made to Order timeframe for delivery is typically less than 3 weeks depending upon order timeframe and shipping timelines. Hannah will reach out to you should this timeline need to exceed the 3-week promise. If you have a timeframe you are expecting this made to order item by, please let her know in the checkout notes and she will do her best to accommodate your needs while taking into account the success of the creation process.

All Hannah Rose Customs items are made on industrial-level equipment in her studio in NC with the handmade care your mom or grandmother would have made for you when you were young. Hannah's designs are contentious to the intent of their use. She uses the best fabrics for the purpose of each item and is diligent to continuously improve patterns with smart suggestions.


This cotton canvas product is machine washable in cold to warm water with standard household laundry detergents. You may also dye the fabric successfully should you want to change the color or camouflage stains over time. It can be dried in the machine dryer; however, it is recommended that you hang-it to dry for longer-lasting wear.

Made to order, drop-ship, and print-on-demand products listed on this website each may have longer than expected delivery timelines. Please see all information about the product to understand the shipping timeframe. In some cases, items on this site will be shipped directly to you from a producer of that item vs. directly from Amy Lee's studio. I partner with other artisans and producers to allow this website to flourish and benefit other small curated producers in addition to spending time making new fun clay items in my studio!

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