Amy's Doodle Tiles - 6"x6" Original Tile in Wood Frame

Amy's Doodle Tiles - 6"x6" Original Tile in Wood Frame

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These 6"x6" tiles are hand drawn and hand glazed with each individual color on a commercial unglazed red earthenware tile that was made in Italy. Each tile is one-of-a-kind from this series; however, similar patterns/colors may be duplicated by-hand as requested. They look great installed as grouping or mosaic of several handmade tiles or as feature tile in a floor, wall, or other application. These are glued into a natural wood tile/trivet frame for you. In the frame they can be used as a decorative item on your table or wall or as a trivet.

I do accept custom orders for tile projects. Please email me, I I would be happy to explore a custom tile order with you! Custom projects have the ability to specify color preferences, styles, and area of tile required for your project. I work with clay or glass for custom tile work. My custom tile work was featured on ABC's television program "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". With custom tile, I am happy to help transform the places you call home with extreme makeovers as well!

My hand decorated tiles start with a commercially-made unglazed tile; in this case - from Italy. Each tile is cleaned before I draw my doodles in pencil. The doodles are then traced in a wax-like substance to form barriers to keep the glaze colors separated. This process (cuerda seca) originated in the 14th century in Asia and then was further refined in the 15th century in Turkey. I love Moroccan, Persian, and Spanish tile repetition of design across tiles; however in this series I use folk-patterns influenced from my Lithuanian heritage. Each color is squirted into its section of the design separately where the wax-like barrier substance prevents glazes from mixing together or crossing lines when they are heated in a ceramic kiln to a temperature just over 1800 degrees F. The handmade nature and uncontrollable kiln environment sometimes results in places where colors mix or blend slightly, but this is less-frequent with this technique than with other glazing methods.

These items are one-of-a-kind, handmade items, and should be dusted with regular household supplies or wiped clean with soapy water and a clean cloth.

Installation specifications are available upon request for tile products.

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