"Child, You Are More Than A Number" Book - by Sara L. Holden and Illustrated by Adam Lassiter

"Child, You Are More Than A Number" Book - by Sara L. Holden and Illustrated by Adam Lassiter

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Child, You Are More Than a Number inspires students, parents and educators to embrace and nurture the unique gifts that are not necessarily measurable or given due credit in the data-driven world of public education.

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Published August 2018 - This hardcover edition is certain to become a regular household read. This book celebrates diversity and the value that everyone provides in life. It makes an excellent encouraging gift for children and those in need of a spark of courage to move forward and appreciate that they were made with purpose. It is colorfully illustrated and provides a glimpse of a world where compassion as well as differences are valued.

While still a middle school teacher, Sara L. Holden wrote this book out of her heart’s message for her students: each and every one of us has something to offer this world… and in no way should we allow test scores to measure our ability to follow through with that purpose!

In each illustration, you’ll notice the diversity in the characters’ skin color and religious traditions, conveying the other half of Holden’s message to young students: no matter what language you speak, no matter the color of your skin, and no matter what you call your creator, each and every human being struggles and deserves compassion in the discovery of life purpose.

Traditional testing methods contribute to youngsters feeling unworthy and unable to “measure up” when they haven’t performed well, according to the illusory “standard.” Holden’s hope is that this story and its illustrations begin the important conversation of how to nurture each child’s gifts and passions without regard for numerical scores. As a U.S. veteran and former teacher, she advocates that this should be Priority One both in education and at home. This book gifts our children — as our planet’s future citizens and leaders — adult assurance that they are much more than numbers, indeed!.

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