Custom Hand Pressed Tiles

Custom Hand Pressed Tiles

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My hand-pressed tile designs can vary slightly in size since they are hand made and are not regular like commercially pressed tiles that rely on heavy machinery. Each design is custom designed by me and sculpted prior to a mold being made. Once the mold of that design ages out, I can either retire the design or sculpt a new similar style. I can achieve about 100 tiles per mold before the molds start to degrade. The designs are therefore duplicatable to an extent. They are hand painted and colors may vary to the clients wishes. They are made with a place to hang on a nail decoratively or they can be installed as accent tile in a wall, pool, table, counter, or floor application. They are suitable for use outside and in freeze-thaw environments.

When inventory is depleted, this item order will be placed as: Made to Order. Timeframe for delivery is typically 6-8 weeks from order depending upon the humidity in my studio for drying handmade clay items. If you have a timeframe you are expecting this made to order item by, please let me know in the checkout notes and I will do my best to accommodate your needs while taking into account the success of the creation process. Porcelain in particular needs to dry slowly for success.

Approximately 4.25"x4.25" tile that is 0.25" thick in porcelain or stoneware clay as desired.

Care information

These items are one-of-a-kind, handmade items and should be hand-washed or top-rack dishwasher washed. Dish-ware is microwave friendly as long as no metallics are used in the design; however care must be used to ensure you do not overheat them or thermally shock a piece for longevity.

Made to order, drop-ship, and print-on-demand products listed on this website each may have longer than expected delivery timelines. Please see all information about the product to understand the shipping timeframe. In some cases, items on this site will be shipped directly to you from a producer of that item vs. directly from Amy Lee's studio. I partner with other artisans and producers to allow this website to flourish in addition to spending time making new fun small-batch items in my studio!

My handmade pottery items are made individually when I "throw" clay on the potter's wheel to shape the basic form. Sometimes I literally throw it onto the wheel head to get it to stick well, but the process in-general is called "throwing". They are turned over, re-centered, and trimmed when the clay has been allowed to dry slightly. Sometimes I also start with slabs of clay that are then hand-built into their shapes vs. on the wheel. Handles and other clay additions are then added and the piece is allowed to dry very slowly to prevent warping or cracking. When the piece is completely bone dry it is fired in a kiln (think big clay oven) to a temperature of just over 1800 degrees F. After this first firing, the piece is then decorated with glazes that a much like a slurry of powdered glass in water and often do not look anything like their finished colors. When the glaze is dry, each piece is carefully loaded back into the kiln to be fired again to a temperature over 2200 degrees F. This work is considered "mid-range" temperature pottery fired to Cone 6-7 upon completion. 

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