Pottery Tattoo'd Porcelain Plates (9.5")

Pottery Tattoo'd Porcelain Plates (9.5")

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Made to Order...please allow 4-6 weeks for creation and delivery. 

Check inventory often as plate in-stock inventory changes rapidly and can be received faster if in-stock.

Porcelain plates that can be tailored to your specific design tastes. Many designs, colors, and creativity can be achieved!

These plates start with a white English porcelain base that is wheel-thrown on the potter's wheel. This process starts with raw clay that ultimately becomes ceramic in the potter's hands and through the very hot kiln firing processes. A hand-painted "pottery-tattoo" is applied prior to the first firing. This 'sets' the tattoo which is then covered in a clear glaze and is fired in the kiln a second time.

The "Pottery Tattoo" process involves manipulating designs on the computer that are individually hand-painted with special ceramic colorants and then applied using a process similar to a temporary tattoo on the wet clay.

9.5" approximate diameter when finished.

Designs can vary and can also be customized for design and color(s). If you have a picture, or design idea - let's talk! 

Custom (Small) - is for designs that will cover no more than 3" in diameter on the plate.
Custom (Large) - is for designs that will cover greater than 3"diameter on the plate.

If Multi Color is selected - please indicate up to three colors at checkout.

Colors currently available: Black, Light Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Brown, Grey, Multi. (If you desire another color - let's talk - although I may use more colors on other work, not all colors are ideal for this type of food surface.)

High Resolution Photos or images required for custom designs.

A portion of the proceeds from any of the "Damn Sexy" designs featuring my adorable rescue dog "Copper" will support local dog rescue organizations. If you order a custom plate featuring your rescue dog, a portion of the proceeds will also go to local dog rescue organizations.

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