These are some of my favorite tools! Potter's are often known as tool-junkies; however, you need not have every tool on the market to be successful!

My Favorite Tools! by Amy Lee

When it comes to tools in my studio, I have collected a lot, but lean towards a few. If you are starting out or planning a studio, my recommendation is to use the fewest tools necessary to achieve the end result desired. Pottery as a hobby or craft can be as inexpensive or expensive as you make it. Often the...
I bought a cheap-o imported wheel on an impromptu purchase and hope this review will help you determine if you should buy one too.

Colorful Cheap-O Imported Wheels - Pros and Cons - by Amy Lee

Hi, I'm Amy Lee. I love making pottery. I also love new tools, but I'm quite new to providing tool-reviews. Here goes! Have you seen the ads for what appear to be cheap-import wheels? They come in a rainbow of colors. The price point is incredibly tempting. I saw one of these posted during a stressful drive across the Bay...

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