Meet Carmelo Capone - Resident Artist at Fremantle Arts Centre - Spring 2019

Meet Carmelo "Mel" Capone & Naked Raku - Potters of Perth and WA - Part 2

Through an unassuming door off to the left entering the Fremantle Arts Centre's large ceramics teaching facility up a hill behind the main gallery and shop space, you will find resident artist, Carmelo Capone. Mel standing with one of his large Grecian-style urns. Mel's previous series of Naked Raku spheres titled, "Mondo Fluido", adorned  Gallery Central Perth in a perfectly placed...
Have you ever had a perfect day - I mean a PER-fect! day. This was one for me!

Potter's of Perth and Western Australia - Part 1 - The Village Potters of Swan Care Retirement Village

I chose to write my first Potter's of Perth and Western Australia blog post about a perfect day. Yesterday was a perfect day. There are days that are perfect, and then days that are PER-fect! If you know what I mean?! These PER-fect! days do not necessarily need to be profound in actions, sights, or sounds, but rather are and...

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