All of my mugs are hand thrown on the potter's wheel as their starting point. Some are then textured, some have sculptural additions, and others are highly decorated or glazed with multiple glazes. The type of clay and each of the processes involved in the final creation determines the pricing. For example - stoneware clay costs about 1/2 that of porcelain clay so this impacts the pricing.

Custom minimums are 25 mugs per design.
Pricing is agreed-to at the time of order once design is settled.

The profile of the mug or it's general shape doesn't generally impact the price. It can be curved and smooth, or bubbly and organic looking and still take me the same amount of time to pull the mug into shape for example. Organically shaped mugs typically appeal to the eclectic buyer vs. a smooth simple shape appealing to the farm house style buyer. If you have a profile shape in mind - I'm happy to work it into the overall design for the mugs you order.

Mugs of Many Shapes and Styles in Raw Clay

Some of my mugs are decorated with proprietary and/or artistically licensable designs that are also available on other products like tea towels, fabrics, notebooks etc. for coordination of a collection of goods. Some also contain proprietary logos that are owned by the organization/group/person placing the order. These files need to be provided to me in order to create stamps if logos are involved.

To understand how my mugs are priced - I've created this guide!


Small Mugs -
Typically hold about 8 oz. of liquid and weigh about 3/4-1lb.
The dimensions generally fit in a 4"x4"x4" box.
These generally wholesale in the $15-$40 range and retail in the $30-$70+ range.

Large Mugs -
Typically hold at least 12 oz. of liquid and weigh 1-1.25lbs.
The dimensions generally fit in a 6"x6"x6" box.
These generally wholesale in the $18-$50 range and retail in the $30-$75+ range. 

Small Mug Examples: (hold approximately 8-10 oz. liquid)

 Mug Pictures Porcelain Pricing Stoneware Pricing

Simple - 1-2 glazes with up to one stamped element

Simple Small Mug with Dragonfly in blue and whitesimple glaze only small mug 

Wholesale $18
Retail $25-$30

Wholesale $15
Retail $22-$30

Screen printed elements with one transparent glaze: 
Simple printed element on clay one glaze examplesimple print on clay wrap around with black and one glaze mug example

Wholesale $20
Retail: $35-$40

Wholesale: $18
Retail: $25-$30
Hand painted - 
Handpainted on stoneware lupine design mug small exampleporcelain lupine mug example small
Wholesale: $25
Retail: $40-$50
Wholesale: $20
Retail: $35-$40

Some sculptural elements and multiple glazes or hand painting - 
sculptural elements mug example on porcelainsculptural mug white with inside yellow color examplefloral sculptured elements mug example smallacorns fall small mug sculptural elements example

Wholesale: $35
Retail: $45-$60
Wholesale: $30
Retail: $40-$55
Advanced decorating techniques - many colors possible - matching sets - 
dragonfly small mug examplemushroom small mug examplefloral small mug examplesets small mug example advanced
Wholesale: $40+
Retail: $50-$70+
Wholesale: $35+
Retail: $45-$65+


Large Mug Examples: (hold approximately 12-14 oz. liquid)

 Mug Pictures Porcelain Pricing Stoneware Pricing
Simple - glazed only - 1-3 glaze color choices
Large Mug Example simple glaze only blues and greensSimple Large up to 3 glazes mug example
Wholesale: $20
Retail: $35-$40
Wholesale: $18
Retail: $25-$30
Logos - One Element Addition with 1-3 glaze color choices
logo example 3 glazes large muglogo example large mug purple brown bluelarge mug with logo examplelarge mug with logo and 3 colors example
Wholesale: $25-$35
Retail: $40-$50
Wholesale: $20-$30
Retail: $35-$40
Handpainted - many colors available
handpainted large rainbow mughandpainted large purple flower mughandpainted large tall lupine mug porcelain
Wholesale: $40-$45
Retail: $55-$65+
Wholesale: $35-$40
Retail: $45-$60+
Textured, sculptural elements, hand painted, multi-colors
bee sculptural textured mug example largemushroom example large mugspoinsettia example large mugsmonogram textured large mug exampleFall mug texture and sculptured examples
Wholesale: $45+
Retail: $55-$75+
Wholesale: $40+
Retail: $50-$70+

One of a kind, specialty decorating techniques - 

advanced one of a kind example special colorado clayporcelain blue crab one of a kind made to order examplespecialty one of a kind large mug examplespecialty hand painted one of a kind mugspecialty one of a kind creature mugs example

Wholesale: $50+
(Every item in the order will be different)
Retail: $65+

Wholesale: $45+
(Every item in the order will be different)
Retail: $55+