Handmade Functional Pottery

Amy Lee’s handmade pottery items are made from a high quality English Porcelain or Stoneware clay. These items are formed by hand from a block of clay vs. a machine that applies much more pressure that she ever could. They are also not made using slip-casting techniques employed by most mass-producers in the USA and across the globe. For this reason, it is recommended that these items be hand-washed for their longest life. That said, the top rack of the dishwasher is also generally gentle on handmade items as long as you take care that the spray from the dishwasher doesn’t cause items to bang together during washing. These items are microwave safe as long as they do not have any metallic glazes, but as with all items that are microwaved, care must be employed to ensure items are not too hot for bare-hand removal. Please pay special attention to any additional care information provided on the item description pages. As with all ceramic - it gets hot when heat/flame are applied and care must be taken if using with candles or anything hot.


Glass tile items may be cleaned with normal household cleaners and can be installed according to instructions for installation that are provided when receiving items of this nature. Cuerda Seca style clay tiles should be installed and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are ordering Cuerda Seca style tiles for the intention of installing them on an interior surface, please request installation specifications. Most Cuerda Seca style tiles are paired with a frame for use as a trivet or wall-hanging in an interior space. Caution: The Cuerda Seca tiles are made from a lower temperature fired clay that does not typically survive freeze-thaw cycles that may exist in exterior environments very well. Handmade tiles should be installed and cared for according to the type of clay and firing process they have been through. If there are questions, please ask!

Fabrics and other Items

Please refer to the maker’s care instructions. If there is a question, please ask!