Amy Lee

Lately, I have been known to refer to myself as the recovering IT expert-turned potter, but the reality is that pottery came first for me. I studied pottery as an escape in my undergraduate years trading my chemistry experience for artistic training with special permission to attend classes that were not in my environmental science and geology major. My parents thought all things rock and clay were embedded in me at an even a younger age with photos to prove the earthly excavations and mud pies I enjoyed making as a child. I thoroughly enjoy digging in dirt. I find it fascinating that I can take this earthly medium and turn it into something useful and pretty. I’ve been told that it is interesting how God wired my brain to be both technical/analytical and creative. While digging into my technical side to launch a site to sell creative items, I have thought a lot about the pros and cons that I have heard from other artists who sell their work online. I wanted to create a site that would allow a nicely curated group of artists to collaborate in a cooperative fashion similar to other co-op galleries I have been a part of in the past, but in an online format. I want to help remove the barriers to entering selling online for others and provide the customers who frequent this shop with new, exiting, uplifting, eye-brow lifter items made in delightfully small batches. To see my work available for purchase click here.


Hannah Rose Ferguson

My love is fabric. Design, texture, quality, and comfort all come into play in my mind when I am creatively imagining a new fashion or décor item. I am a resident artist at Starworks in Star, NC. Star is very close to the famous Seagrove potteries region of NC. I am surrounded and influenced by artists of every medium in the foothills to the Smoky Mountains region blessed with creative expression in craft, music, and culture. I listen intently and feed off of the collaboration between people’s needs and my skills at the sewing machine. I am a maker of things that make people feel good about themselves and the environment around them. There is nothing more rewarding than to see someone’s eyes light-up when I’ve perfectly nailed the aesthetic and the need someone has expressed to me. I specialize in catering to custom fashion and tailoring needs; however, I also have a few product expressions that have come about through years of development, discussion, and implementation. To see her products click here.

Sara L. Holden

Sara L. Holden is a veteran, former police officer, public educator, wife and mother for over 20 years. She believes the time is overdue to push student data to the back burner and bring each and everyone's innate gifts into the limelight. She desires to nurture that which creates truly successful and fulfilled individuals, thus launching the healing and rebirth of a healthy society. Her mission and message comprise not just essential rhymes every child needs to hear, but wisdom for the child in all of us. Sara has a special knack for inspiring people to be their ultimate selves and thrives to help people find their gifts and talents that will help them to be satisfied and successful versions of themselves. In a world where striving for the next best thing often overcomes living life to its fullest intent, Sara creates a moment of quiet reflection ensuring we all use our time here to the fullest. To see her products click here.




Angela Lindauer - All Hands Pottery

Angela is a 26-year veteran of the United States Navy, attaining the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer. During her time in service, she spent over 9 years overseas, including tours in Italy, Bahrain, Germany, and Iraq. She retired in March 2017. After a deployment to Iraq, Angela discovered pottery, and it changed the trajectory of her life. She started taking lessons in 2011, and continued while stationed in Germany where she worked with Monika Armbruster. She learned to work with porcelain and experimented with Raku; a technique involving heating and handling pieces at 1800 degrees fahrenheit and then creating a reduction environment in order to achieve unexpected surface decoration on pottery. Upon returning to the United States in 2014, Angela continued her journey with ceramics and began teaching beginning wheel classes at the D'Art Center, and The Hermitage Museum and Gardens. By 2016 Angela started selling pottery she created at shows and in galleries. Her personal work is marked "Angeltil Pottery." In 2018 Angela started a new venture opening 'All Hands Pottery Studio' in Norfolk, VA. It is important to her that her studio welcomes people of all skill levels, all backgrounds and all walks of life. She is a believer in the therapeutic and healing properties of clay and art in general, and wants to bring that experience to all who are open to it. To see her products click here.