Amy Lee works in both ceramic and glass mosaic tile for custom installation works. Email to start a quote.

7' wide hibiscus for pool bottomThis mosaic glass tile installation was 7' wide and shipped in 1' panel sections for installation in a pool bottom. Installers receive a map to place properly for installation and guide for installation.

Mosaic Glass Tile Koi Pond Installation for Shower

This mosaic glass tile installation was 2'x3' and was installed in a shower wall.





Porcelain Compass Rose Mosaic Floor Installation This compass rose patterned porcelain mosaic tile floor installation spread approximately 4' wide for a home in Alaska.

Working on the TV Show 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' allowed Amy to guide installations of glass mosaic tile in 4 bathrooms and then use left-over tile for creations of an 8' wide mosaic table and fire-pit in the back yard.

This tile project involved testing many options for colors and designs, laying the design out as a photo-overlay for the family to envision the final installation, then fabricating the tiles and hand-painting them with the design prior to installation. Step-by-step in-process pictures below.

Final installed backsplash.

More doodles in process... 

Handmade and sculpted Koi tiles: Koi sculpted tiles

Hand painted overglaze painted on commercial tile. This family desired a way to capture their backyard garden year-round. It was transformed into a home installation complete with handmade border frame tiles and set in commercial field tile. Garden tile with underglaze decorations.

This was one of my first mosaic endeavors. A 3' wide Chinese Dragon table top. I forgot the design and had to have a friend break into my apartment at the time and overnight it to me so I could make this before Christmas for my husband!

Dragon Tabletop MosaicClose view Dragon Mosaic Table Top

This mosaic was created with Amy's guidance by a group of children. The children duplicated a church window in broken tile and it was then auctioned-off for charity.

This is the in-progress of a dining room table...

Finished with a hand made walnut table base and frame.

Self portrait in sculpted tile, copper, and mixed media that won the 2005 Vineyard Art Show:

Mirror made to match wallpaper trim.