I work in both ceramic and glass mosaic tile for custom installation works. My ceramic installations begin either with commercial tile that is enhanced with design work via glaze testing or cuerda seca techniques where wax lines are drawn on the tile and glazes are piped into each of the design sections to achieve different colors. Custom ceramic installations that begin with clay can morph into any tile shape imaginable both via sculpting and molding. Glass tile projects have included commercial architectural glass that is hand cut, placed and readied for install as well as traditional Byzantine Smalti tile made in Venice, Italy. 

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7' wide hibiscus for pool bottom
Architectural mosaic glass tile blue hibiscus flower installation measuring 7 feet wide and approximately 4' tall was shipped in 1' panel sections for installation in a pool bottom. The tiles once underwater will appear to morph with the changing surface of the pool and glisten in the sunlight. Shipment in sections allows the installer to place the pieces perfectly to clients desires prior to permanently setting in thin-set mortar and grouting to the clients desires.
Mosaic Glass Tile Koi Pond Installation for Shower

This mosaic glass tile installation was 2 feet by 3 feet and was installed in a shower wall. Each piece of architectural glass tile was custom cut and fit to the design to achieve this view looking down on a Koi pond. Mock-ups of the designs can be provided to clients and overlaid in the area installation is desired to help clients envision the final look.


Leaf Mirror in home.

Custom House Numbers.

Porcelain Compass Rose Mosaic Floor Installation 

This compass rose patterned porcelain mosaic tile floor installation spread approximately 4' wide for a home in Alaska. The owner commented he wanted the design to be something that would help him reaffirm he had direction in his life each day.


Extreme Makeover Home Edition Experience:

Working on the TV Show 'Extreme Makeover Home Edition' allowed me to guide installations of glass mosaic tile in 4 bathrooms and then use left-over tile for creations of an 8' wide mosaic table and fire-pit in the back yard.

Backsplash project: This tile project involved testing many options for colors and designs, laying the design out as a photo-overlay for the family to envision the final installation, then fabricating the tiles and hand-painting them with the design prior to installation. Step-by-step in-process pictures below.
Final installed backsplash.
Handmade and sculpted Koi tiles:
 Koi sculpted tiles

Hand painted overglaze painted on commercial tile. This family desired a way to capture their backyard garden year-round. It was transformed into a home installation complete with handmade border frame tiles and set in commercial field tile.

 Garden tile with underglaze decorations.

This was one of my first mosaic endeavors. A 3' wide Chinese Dragon table top. I forgot the design and had to have a friend break into my apartment at the time and overnight it to me so I could make this before Christmas for my husband!

Dragon Tabletop MosaicClose view Dragon Mosaic Table Top

Public Art and Fundraising Art Guidance:

This mosaic was created with Amy's guidance by a group of children. The children duplicated a church window in broken tile and it was then auctioned-off for charity.

This is the in-progress of my dining room table...

Finished with a hand made walnut table base and frame.

Self portrait in sculpted tile, copper, and mixed media that won the 2005 Vineyard Art Show:

Mirror made to match purple shades floral wallpaper trim.