Clayscapes Pottery Signature Line Glaze - Spruce Blue

Clayscapes Pottery Signature Line Glaze - Spruce Blue

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For Cone 5/6

Made for dipping and pouring, Clayscapes glazes have been developed by potters for potters. They are easy to mix and use. They work well in combination with each other. They are lead-free, microwave, dishwasher, and food safe; however, Garden Green, Satin Black, and Copper Patina are not food appropriate.

Glaze test-tile shows the color you are ordering. Additional pictures are variations or combinations of different Clayscapes glazes when layering. Variations may occur and with all glazes - testing should be done prior to application to final pieces.

All dinnerware manufacturers should test both for clay vitrification and glaze safety using their processes  - see safety data sheet(s) from manufacturer.

Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.

Read all mixing and safety information prior to use linked here.


1 pound of dry glaze makes approximately 1 pint wet mixed depending upon particular glaze.

Recommend joining this Facebook group of users of Clayscapes glazes to see additional pictures, read, and share experiences with these glazes.

- Spruce Blue is a unique, opaque blue glaze. Where it is thick it is a deep, dark, glossy blue, and where it is thin, it is a light, airy, matte blue. On one piece you will have a combination of glossy dark blue and matte light blue. This glaze shows texture very well.
- This is one of my studio favorites! I have found in working with this glaze for many years that if you tend to fire a little hotter (higher cone 6 or low cone 7) this glaze will lean more to the glossy end than matte. It is very consistent in application after getting thicknesses tested.
- Works well on porcelain and stoneware.

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