About “The Alien Stories” Series - By © Amy Lee


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by space including UFO, alien, and similar theories. My 5th grade term paper was all about whether UFO's are real and included sending away for redacted secret files from the US government that have recently been released fully to the public. I kept that paper in its full-glory dot-matrix print for many years and scanned it recently to preserve it!


I love Giorgio Tsoukalos and Elon Musk's real space aspirations for travel to Mars. I once dreamed that I would fly into space as an astronaut for NASA and later in life worked as a NASA contractor. In late February and early March 2020, this fictitious narrative returned to my studio with the question: why would aliens visit earth? The timing was ironically just before the Pentagon released some fuzzy documented "unidentified aerial phenomena" releasing more of the story from those redacted files from my youth. Through overt and subtle earthly challenge themes including debates on climate change and the new commercial space race, I began to explore this light-hearted and fictitious evolving story about a group of empathetic aliens who come to earth - on pots…


Some things you need to know about the aliens in this story before I start: They love novelty t-shirts! CO2 on earth is the best! And Elon Musk amongst other very cerebral earthly characters have received fandom status on their home planets. They are empathetic to the earthlings and only take the CO2 because the abundance is harming them and their planet. They have a custom or tradition that requires those selling something to wear green face paint - their color of credits or money. The majority of aliens visiting earth are not selling anything though and appear their natural skin shade of blues and purples.


The story is evolving...


Unbeknownst to humans, the aliens have been visiting earth for eons. They have come even more frequently as time has passed both to observe and then as groups particularly as the Earth's Carbon Dioxide (CO2) became increasingly abundant with industrialization. This CO2 abundance led the first alien migrators to find a way to compress and store some of this excess CO2 in fifty-five gallon drums. They camouflaged the drums in areas across the planet where humans don't frequent; places like old army depots, defunct nuclear silos, toxic waste dumps, and general neighborhood landfills. Occasionally you’ll also find them hanging out along busy roads tucked under billboard signs where human passers-by wouldn’t have a chance of a glimpse as they zoom by on crowded highways...a great place for ambient CO2 as well! 


The aliens began to quickly advertise the abundance of their life providing gas on Earth through the use of large 1970's style billboards with flashing lights that are only activated by a special black-light type wavelength light that the alien ships have been retrofitted with. Any humans driving past or near a CO2 availability region would be none-the-wiser as the billboards they see just appear like modern placards with the alien advertising viewable only under the dark of night with this special wavelength of light only their ships or handheld lights use. Very rarely a group of human teens may catch a glimpse when out geocaching or partying under billboards at night, but thus far it's not been a concern.


The alien ships are stealth technology that is completely silent and invisible in Earth’s atmosphere. Those who do visit a CO2 replenishment station on the planet during the day are cloaked and simply invisible to human eyes. Except for the rare few humans. The aliens really love earth and mean it no harm. They recognize that their efforts to utilize an abundant natural resource spun out of control on Earth actually provides a symbiotically positive relationship with the humans of earth. The more CO2 migrating aliens consume these harmful greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere provides a win-win for both species.


Some aliens have made contact with humans and  have found themselves attracted to some typical things of Earth - items like novelty t-shirts, throwing peace-signs, and for the green aliens - capitalism. The green aliens (who also happen to wear flamboyant bow ties) strive to take over some of the CO2 stations on Earth and charge for the technology used to compress and store as well as the marketing and covert operation costs of this secret effort. They know they cannot own the CO2 but plan to find a way to earn credits from this free resource. 

So far the blue aliens do not mind the green alien intentions because the green aliens are not price gouging and some are actually willing to purchase CO2 versus setting up compression and stealth technologies. Spotting the green aliens is still a rarity as they identify their place in this developing social hierarchy. These capitalist aliens have found some favorite hang-outs on the planet, and they keep trying to use marketing tactics to popularize their monopoly on this free resource to gain more followers. They hire blue aliens to pull special banners in the sky with their spaceships, and give out novelty hook-up tubes, cat balloons, and t-shirts - amongst other tactics to attract landings.


The aliens love Elon Musk and all things regarding human attempts at joining them amongst the stars and planets. They hold CO2 parties where they hook their helmet tubes up simultaneously to the same tank, sitting out under the trees at night when Earth trees off-gas a bit more CO2 in hopes they can take their helmets off entirely on this beautiful planet. They sit along highways similarly with their masks off basking in ambient CO2 environments. They love Earth and Earth Day rallies, learning new skills (like pottery), novelty and silly t-shirts that require you to see more than one alien to get the humor. They have begun to build colorful alien temple getaways in bright hidden colors - again requiring special light to see them. 


They dream of hugging humans.


When Covid-19 distracted all of the humans of Earth, all attempts to gain traction with the alien's "hug-a-human" campaign efforts were thwarted. Green aliens started giving away free CO2 with cat-balloon marketing campaigns in order to re-focus efforts necessary for their survival - breathing CO2 and credits. The cat-balloon marketing campaign efforts were then also thwarted when the aliens shared through social-media that they could "gain feelings of euphoria" if they breathed in some of the human Covid-19 virus with their CO2


Aliens everywhere made attempts to get the Covid-19 virus into their helmets - some not realizing they were trying to poke their eyes with their helmet still on!


Now that Covid-19 has begun to decline and the humans have begun a life more closely resembling that of pre-pandemic life, the aliens are finding they need to up their covert technologies globally since they became lax with less humans moving around. Where they go with these efforts we do not yet know, so stay tuned!


The alien story evolves daily along with the humans, and we are never quite certain right now when they will ever hug a human. They are concerned that this dream may not be realized and they realize how desperate the human race is currently for hugs. Knowing their ingenuity, they will find a way!