Sneak Peek - May 8th 2024 Pottery Drop

Sneak Peek - May 8th 2024 Pottery Drop

Well the preparations have taken about 2 weeks total to get ready for this pottery drop online. This is just the inventorying, picture taking, social media posting, photographing, site sprucing, functionality testing... all the stuff we artist's typically are not either fond of or adept at. Gratefully, I have the history of working in IT to figure it all out!

Here are the stats so far:

  • 2 Guest Artists (to be announced soon!) Both with work that is completely different but of the same ceramic / clay medium. I love that about clay!
  • Almost 100 different product options - that's a lot for a small biz like this! Considering that each product option might have multiple colors or multiple items available - that's a lot to keep track of.
  • 9 categories to help you find what you might be interested in most.
  • A few new items that are not made of clay but feature my pattern designs!
I'm really looking forward to seeing how this multi-artist collaborative effort works out next week! Stay tuned!

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