Brushing Medium - For Clayscapes Glazes

Brushing Medium - For Clayscapes Glazes

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A pre-measured amount of Brushing Medium to be added to Clayscapes Powdered glazes prior to mixing to make them brush-able. Each unit provides the recommended 22.7 grams of brushing medium - enough to mix with a 5 pound batch of glaze (1-lb makes about 1 pint of glaze). See details for additional instructions when using this product.

You definitely want to put it into the dry mix before you add water. If you wanted to make 5 lbs of glaze for brushing, you would add 22.7 grams of the brushing medium to the 5 lbs of glaze. If you were just going to make up 1 lb of the glaze for brushing, you would add 4.54 grams of the medium to the dry mix. 1 lb of dry glaze will make you about a pint of glaze.

On the water content – you will want to add less water if you are brushing rather than dipping. Add 294 grams, (.65 lbs) of water per 1 lb of dry glaze. You will want to use an emersion blender or drill mixer to mix the glaze.

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