Clayscapes Pottery Raku Glazes - White Crackle

Clayscapes Pottery Raku Glazes - White Crackle

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Sold dry and designed specifically for Raku Firing. All glazes should be mixed and thinly applied for best result and to reduce risk of running. Not Food-Friendly!

Glaze test-tile shows the color you are ordering. Variations may occur and with all glazes - testing should be done prior to application to production or beloved final pieces.

In traditional Japanese traditions Raku pieces are handmade and not thrown. Western-style Raku firings were popularized in the 1960's by American ceramic artist and educator Paul Soldner. Western-style Raku firings differ from traditional Eastern techniques in that the firing is a low temperature firing. The pieces are never vitrified enough to hold liquid and are not typically food-friendly glaze formulations.

Typically ceramics in this western-raku firing method use high temperature clays that have grog to withstand the thermal shock of the process which are fired to cone 05/06. The pieces are then re-heated in the kiln to 1650F and are pulled from the hot kiln and into a bed of combustibles (wood shavings, newsprint etc.). It is an oxidation first firing into a semi oxidation and then final reduction in the combustibles.

Raku is loved for its unpredictable outcomes!

Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.


1 pound of dry glaze makes approximately 1+ pint wet mixed depending upon particular glaze. This glaze should be mixed very thinly and applied very thinly for best results and to reduce glaze running during Raku firing.

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- From the Clayscapes NEW line of Raku glazes.
- White Crackle - A glossy clear crackle raku glaze. Will appear “white” on a white clay body or over terra sig.
- Check out the Clayscapes Pottery Glazes Group for more stunning photos of this in combo with other glazes!

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